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Bath Institution (Federal Correctional Institution)

Quick Facts
Country Canada
Province Ontario
City Bath
Security-Level Medium-Security
Website Bath Institution
Jurisdiction Federal
Year opened 1972
Capacity 340
Population 330
Famous Prisoners Peter Demeter, Ralph Ernest Power, Romeo Phillion
Bath Institution

Past News

April 21, 2006

79 year-old Peter Demeter, who raped his wife before bluedgeoning her to death in 1973, is alleging that Peel Regional Police "tormented" him into giving a blood DNA-sample when it was unneccessary. After the arrest, he argues, Peel police already collected his DNA from the semen inside his wife, Christine Demeter, a once internationally known supermodel. There is no material benefit if his case is successful, but Demeter claims he is doing it "for the principle of it," confirming his claim that he did not, and simply could not, kill his own wife. (Kingston Whig-Standard, 21 April 2006)

November 18 2005

Bath Institution opened its own tattoo parolour, the first and only of its kind in the prison system worldwide, in an effort to provide a substitute to the existing methods inmates use, including sewing needles, guitar strings, and homemade ink made from burnt polystyrene, a common synthetic used to build cafeteria-style bowls, trays, plates and cups. According to the New York Times, 45% of inmates in Canadian prisons get a tattoo sometime during their periods of incarceration. The parlour looks like a cinder-block dentist's room, The parlours costs about $100,000 for the government to build, but inmates pay about $5 per two-hour session in the parlour.

The guards' union argues that the project will not last, pointing to evidence that inmates have already stolen some of the needles and inks and used them for illicit tattooing, such as reproducing gang-insignias (The New York Times 24 Nov 2005 ).

20 February 2001

Two female mothers of murder victims made headlines by publicly critcizing the Bath Institution for its "Country-Club" conditions. Elaine Jensen, whose husband hacked her 3 daughters to pieces in Calfary in 1998, and Eve Peck, whose sister was strangled to death in Toronto in 2000 by Anton Lorenz, toured Bath Institution while their targets of hatred lay segregated in an isolated part of the prison. Bath institution's medium-security "open-correctional" environment was considered the object of the women's criticisms, where offenders are transferred to prior to their release (National Post 20 February 2001).



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