Choose a state from the list on the left to see all state & federal prisons, detention centers, community work centers, and residential facilities registered and enumerated by the US Census Bureau in that state. Then click on a map's marker to go to that facility's Prison Profile.

Details include things like security-level, year of construction, average inmate population, death row inmates, staff numbers, yearly staff assaults, average and total staff salaries, presence of medical or mental health facilities on site, and more.

US State & Federal Prison Maps

prison map
Choose a state to see an annotated map of all state & federal prison locations in that state. There are over 2,000 state & federal prisons in the United States listed in the database. This is a practical tool if you are interested in investigating known prison locations (for state and federal prisons only) without knowing any of their names or exact street addresses. Connection failed: Access denied for user 'insideprison_dbcell'@'localhost' (using password: YES)