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Folsom State Prison | California

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Godwin escaped through a storm drain in 1987 with the help from an ex-cellie. He was arrested a couple of years later in Mexico on drug charges. He was later broken out of prison by the cartel and has never been heard from since. He's either been buried deep or retired well.
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Friday, January 30, 2015
Matthew Biggs

Who has info on escaped Folsom Prisoner Allen Godwin who walked away through a storm drain in about 1980. He was serving life with out parole for the murder of his girlfriend a waitress at the Peppermill on Arden Way. His sister lived in Mendocino County at the time of his escape. What is her name.

Please send info to
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Wednesday, March 05, 2014
West Side L.A.

What's REALLY going on?
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am writing to let everyone know what's going on in the Prison with a few bad CO's. I am a victim Jaime Seaters and Eric Bryant Smith, whom put two innocent people in a Stdtem using the RASMUS Scanner 3 as a racial tool. My name is LJ. I have no criminal record, and the woman friend will remain anonymous. What is occurring is their torturing us and trying to steal out identities. I blowing the whistle this incident. He had help with his sister and her friends. I called the HR and Omdbudzman about the matter and left a contact number, if you have question.
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Sunday, March 03, 2013

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

"My Name Is Ralph Castaneda, But everyone knows me by STORK from White Fence E.L.A. Ca. How can I begin this? My CDC number was B-89542 and attached along with it was C-26659 for an assult on another inmate while doing my time. I did my issue of time in folsom, but nothing to brag about. It's how you do your time that matters. Foolish, stupid, or survival? In 1977 I was the first youngster to arrive in folsom, I was just in my 20's. You see, you had to be 35 on up to go to folsom, but in my case i was consider a level 4 inmate and crime partners weren't allowed to be housed in the same insitution together. Lucky for me, being a youngster growing up through insitutions during my teens, I grew up amoung older homeboys and friends who were older then me, so my chances were good to survive in folsom. But my courage and strength were challanged. I said , so these old farts didnt think i had the heart and balls to survive in here. 16 years.

Stork WF."
Terrence Liddell wrote on Wednesday, December 24, 2014

    No, Stork, you weren't the first youngster to arrive at Folsom. I drove up in December of 1968 when I was just 25, after having escaped from Soledad-Central, and later having got caught trying to escape a few times from

Quentin. Started out at Folsom spending four years behind the screen. Back then, Folsom was a good joint with older, solid convicts. But all that shit ain't nothing to be proud of. Eventually wasted 51 years of my life locked up in California. I was known as the Marathon Man, because I ran the first marathon on Folsom's

"Jericho Mile" track, and jogged out there, year in and year out.
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

i am looking for information on my nephew last i talked to him we had just found out he was my nephew and we were writing then it stopped ?????? Troy are you out there/
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I got locked up at the age of 19 for commercial burglary back in 04 05. sentenced to 2 with half. sent me to chino and old folsom. That place was a trip I ll never forget those giant blocks of granite and that huge wall. They put me in building 5 with this old man doing life for double murder. When i got there he was already in longer than i been alive. He worked the laundry. he pushed the cart down the building and grabbed all the dirty laundry. I wish I could remember his name. He hooked me up with a t.v. while i shared a cell with him. i was just a kid i didn t really know how to talk to big dogs like him. but looking back now im off parole and clean . i would like to send him somemoney for hooking me up with that t.v.
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Sunday, March 04, 2012

I was a K# I was behind the wall. You can just feel the evil when you first walk into FOLSOM. The first day on the yard I saw a guy get his head smashed and his brains shot out the back of his head like a zit. I said only 1149 days left. I lifted weights for about 4 months and then they took all the weights away. So the only thing to do was play Pinochle or walk around a dirt track. There was this one guy who use to sit on the bleachers and play the guitar. Cats in the craddle song. He was really good. There are alot of lifers on the yard and they don t like their program messed with if you get my meaning?
Folsom's Fix-It Man wrote on Wednesday, December 24, 2014

    Yeah, Bdog, I remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Folsom and walked around the yard, even showed some guys over on the iron pile how to lift better. But then, years later, after he announced on the Tonight Show that he was going to run for governor of "Kally-fornia," and after the voters were stupid enough to elect him, Arnie took away the weights. Not just in Folsom, but in all of the CA Dept. of Correction's joints. And he never did any time, either, for all the sex offenses several women said Arnie committed against them. (Some of which I witnessed while working in the motion picture industry.) No problem. All Schwarzenegger had to do was just grin and flash his horse teeth and the public ate up his cornball Hollywood theatrics. Same deal with Reagan and the idiot voters who put that phony bastard in office. In fact, in view of actress Selene Walter's confirmation that Reagan came over to her house one night in 1952 at 3 a.m. and raped her, looks like California voters have established a sorry-ass record of putting sex offenders in the governor's office.
USMC73 wrote on Monday, February 09, 2015

    Sigh, another liberal convict....
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"I was a H#,J# and a V# and was just up at old folsom on my last bit. I will say this, you have to have a strong mind and spirit not to let that place get to you. with over 22 years in behind the walls, I walked into that place feeling uneasy. not from fear of the inmates or guards, but from the evil energy that permeates those walls. I have three years+ clean now and will discharge parole in a year. WE CAN OVERCOME.we do not have to let that world define who we are. its not where we ve been but where we are going that matters. for the loved ones of long term convicts love them for the person they are but do not enable the whole i cant help it im institutionalized excuse to be introverted or mean or keep doing the same things. thats B.S. Im a validated member of a white prison gang with an indeterminate shu now and i uswed the same excuses to keep doing what i wanted for many years. tough love your convicts and they will do the right thing. peace to all."
Trumpet Man wrote on Wednesday, December 24, 2014

    Interesting how the letter prefixes in front of California prison I.D. numbers have evolved over the years. I was assigned A-80228 on Sept. 23, 1963, and it took a total of 22 years before all the A-numbers were almost used up at the end of 1966. Instead of running them out to A-99999, they were just cut off on December 31, 1966, at about A-99900 something, and the next day the first B-number was issued. I was Soledad-North's Assignment Lieutenant's Clerk at the time and was surprised to see that the numbering didn't begin with B-00001, but just B-1. Who wound up at CTF-North -- a young black kid with a 2nd degree burglary. Didn't do much time for something like that in those days. Unlike decades later, when the politicians started scrambling all over each other like jackals on carrion, trying to win votes with ever longer sentences. Anyhow, took several years to go through the B-numbers and then the pace began accelerating until the zookeepers in Sacramento were running through the alphabet like contestants on Wheel of Fortune. Anyhow, I did 16 years in Folsom of the 51 years I wasted in California prisons. And found that the toughest guys weren't those out on the iron pile, or sleeved down with ink, and caught up in a lot of macho posturing and all that cornball bullshit. No, the toughest guys I met in the joint had very strong minds. We never let our brains be washed, rinsed and set in jailhouse concrete. Unlike many a trained seal shuffling around the yard with a number stamped on his butt -- and brain.
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