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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"I was at CMC in early 1980. This prison is divided into 4 housing quads. each has its own mess hall. the quads are A-B-C-D. C quad is the worst with hardcore inmates. I was in B quad. Pretty normal people in there. This is known as the county club of california prisons. There is a library and chapel and you can go to school, college or work in a factory.If you need counseling there are counselors and programs.There were movies on the weekends. Each cell is a one man private cell and you keep the key to it. In the yard was a baseball diamond and track,there was a snack stand in the yard too. Because it s so close to the Pacific Ocean the fog will roll in form time to time causing yard recall. Each cell has a window and the night air smells great...after all you re a stones throw from the beach. The staff were firm but fair. Charles (Tex) Watson ( of Charles Manson fame) was there when I was. He was working in the chapel as a Deacon. I shook his hand. He had a cold, clammy, weak handshake. This was not a bad place to do time. As a first and last offender I was lucky to have been placed there."
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

god is good but jail is bad. jail might keep some people alive but to me jail is not good. I am tired of jail today and I am tired of people trying to put me in jail when I am free
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Monday, April 15, 2013


Historically, California Men s Colony offered few vocational training spots for new inmate recruits, largely because of the size of the prison population serving very long sentences. Even though training was mostly achieved through self-motivation and initiative, there were still long waiting lists for entrance into shop programs (Dickover 1971).

California Men s Colony was also used as a testing ground for new hypnotherapy programs in the late 1960s. Hypnotherapy, an approach that uses deep breathing, relaxation exercises, and hypnosis to uncover repressed memories, emotions, or traumatic events that may be influencing the subject s present state of mind. A similar program focused on anger regression in a prison facility in Chilicothe, Ohio in the 1980s. This program was evaluated in 1988 by Eisel, who found that all subjects who participated reported reduced anger towards their aggressor, and that after a 1-year follow-up, none had repeated violent acts or assaults of any kind.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"I was in a level 3 then got lower to a level 2. I almost did something stupid, because a c.o. pushed me to my limits. You know what they say if a dog feels cornered, he will attack. Just keep that in mind, c.o. s"
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Old name Nucklehead! I was reading some nonsense about the PRISON LIFE, by some lost people. Yeah I wasent the baddest level 1 & 2 low points got a D # from 1987. maxed out my number in 91 Shook that thing and never looked back its going on 20 years since hearing the steel doors slamin. But I want to tell you I was still Stuck. It might seem fun to run with the fellas in or out. but it dont get you no where.Your still caught, You know what I mean.

Strung out on the poison of your choice. thats what I mean by being stuck,for you that want to shake that life YOU HAVE TO STEP OUT OF THE WAY YOU LIVE!!! There ain t no other way around it. It took me 26 years to release the old life style and be a real man. I m not going to get all guru on you but change is possable. Until you make the decision to do something about it nothing will change. You can keep having cavity checks or not its up to you. "
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6 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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