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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lowell's women prison in Ocala,Fl is the worst women prison. The officers are lazy and very rude
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
griff griffin

while in Liverpool prison in the UK Billy Bragg dropped by cell as he heard i made a drop of the hard stuff and sang some songs you can watch the vimeo bighousearts/jamsoup you can hear a pindrop jonny cash did something simlar but this is 100 times better
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Bill Hoyler

I was in usp leavenworth from August 1975 thru October 1979. There were 6 murders while I was there. A week before I left for the halfway house in NYC a convict by the name of George 'Cadillac' Black was burned alive in his cell in D block for non payment of a drug debt. I lived in D block at the time and I can still hear him screaming. I was a grunt in 'Nam and had served time in San Quentin before this happened but this event left a lasting impression on me to this day.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

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Friday, July 31, 2015
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I have never been to jail or prison .. and I dont pretend to know what/how things are managed insude either .. also .. i guess it's safe to say that, "I have come to know and accept that, I am definately not jail material, thats for sure ..

buy .. i'm gonna, ride on .. ride on .. ride on ..
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hi everyone, my brother is being transferred to Tomoka prison. Can anyone share their experience at that facility?
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Saturday, July 04, 2015
justin a

im 29 years old about to be 30 and I just did my first time behind bars in the ross county jail and omg worse experience I just wanted to sleep to make the time go faster but the problem is the beds wore horrible I could not sleep at all and some of the inmates were ridiculus I was in there with a dude they called ray ray and another called himself bugs there were total idiots running around yelling acting like it was a party house kinda like the enjoyed there time there the showers were nasty and didn't work right they only gave you one blanket and no pillow people in thre asking for your meals whwich I didn't wanna eat anyway I didn't eat for three days literaly I gave it to a nice Mexican fellow that drew good he made nice pictures for my wife but anyhow the experience was terrible something I hope to never do again when I got out I felt like a million bucks lol no other feeling in the world could compare unless ofcourse I ddid more time it was great to come home hold my women smoke a cig lay in my own bed with cable people really don't know the things you take forgranted to leave this off ill just say DONT KNOW WHAT YOU GOT TILL ITS GONE
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Friday, June 26, 2015
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trying to find my son jerry martin
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Monday, May 18, 2015

I fell off my bed and broke my back. my Bunkie raped me when I was out unconcious
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Saturday, May 09, 2015
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My friend got assaulted by another inmate with a weapon and the North Central Correction Facility in Rockwell City, Ia . The prison wouldn't do anything about it. I decided to look in to how to go about filing charges against the inmate who committed the assault. My friend was hit in the eye with a weapon. He asked what the weapon was and if he could see the weapon. They told him that it was none of his business. He suffered 11 stitches around the eye, cut eyeball, internal bleeding, bubbles on the eye, and a piece of metal embedded in the side of his face. They took him to the hospital, but made him pay for the charges. I don't know what they told the hospital, but the hospital sent a letter home saying it was from an auto accident.

I guess that was a bad choice to push to have charges filed, because ever since then it has been nothing but harassment/retaliation on me and my friend.

The warden harassing my friend, guards threatening him that if I don't back off they are going to beat him. My friend was so scared he asked if I could find a motel close by because he feared something was going to happen to him. His counselor telling my friend to tell me to back off and mind my own business. He was taken to the police station to be questioned on what he spends his money on. Then he was put in the hole for spending too much money, and it was the same day I made a phone call to the prison. While in the hole he was denied medication for a headache due to being dehydrated and the blow to the head. They didn't allow him a shower from Friday till Monday, and then it was ice cold water. I made a phone call to a State Representative on Monday about what was going on, and later Monday evening they removed him from the hole. When someone is being threatened or has been assaulted I don't think the victim should be put in that small cell. Put the ones in there that are causing the problems. Why should they be able to live as normal as possible being out among their friends?

I was suspended from having visitation with my friend for 6 months because I made a phone call and asked where the shoes were that he ordered 3 months ago, and asked for either the shoes to be ordered or give his money back. I also asked for an itemized statement since they were complaining on how much money he spends. Three days later my friend said that a lot of money appeared on his account. I'm thinking that I may have hit a nerve on some wrong doing.

Also the warden saying that he hates me and for other employees to write all bad things about me so I can never visit again. His counselor can’t make up his mind on where he can parole to, so far it’s been three different places in three different towns.

My friend has completed all his classes and everything expected of him. He also completed another class not expected of him, he is also is the secretary of the group AA.

They keep saying he has a criminal background history and he has nothing on his record except for this one time. Plus when he was denied parole, he appealed it. Amazing it was back the next day and it was not in no envelope that showed it had come through the mail. I don’t even think they mailed it out to the parole board.

They have a hold again on his account to do an investigation again. They just had his money on hold a month ago for investigation. So he has been without money now going on two weeks, so he has no way of buying hygiene products.

The only thing the other inmate got was to be moved to another prison. The warden finally had the sheriff go out to the prison to write up a report on the attack, after I had complained all over. Since then we have heard nothing about the assault charge. So I am not for certain that they even filed charges like they say they did.

There are several more things that they have done to him and said to him that I don't feel was right. But maybe I am wrong and this is how prison life is. All these guys are human; they have all done wrong and are serving time to pay. Threats that come from the guards are pathetic! If they don't like their jobs, or judge inmates on their crime instead of who they are maybe they should find different job.

Everyone should be treated the same. Just like when I would go for visits, I would have to take off items to get through the metal detector. But instead of letting me put them back on in the check in place, they would make me walk to the visiting area through the inmate yard putting the items back on, and have to listen to the inmates yell and whistle at me. How degrading and then to see and hear the guards grin and chuckle at what the inmates say and do to me.

My friend got a job at the prison. He works in the garden green house. He cleaned up the building, got soil ready to plant, planted almost 1000 plants and they fired him. He got in trouble for trying to keep rabbits out of the garden. He also got in trouble for mowing the baseball diamond. The regular crew didn't get it mowed and since they are starting a softball league they wanted to use the field. So my friend mowed it for them, and he got in big trouble.

There have been many assaults, large drug busts, weapons and cell phones have gotten in somehow. My friend said that he has never been offered so many drugs in his whole life. Guards see a fight there and if they don't like you , they will turn their backs and walk away.

When I was going for my visitation twice a week, I would talk to the guards coming to work for the next shift. They say that the prison has changed and not for the good. They say the prison has gone down hill.

The prison wants everyone else to follow rules, but what about the rules that they have and not all are met. Only the ones that they want. On visiting days they check a person in and suppose to stamp your hand, well some do and some don't. When a visitor leaves they have a purple light to check hands, they never have since I have been going and that's been since Nov. The women that visit depending on the race on the different types of clothing that one can wear. Also the same with the inmates, only a certain race doesn't have to go through a strip search before and after a visit. The prison complaining about the amount of money inmates spend? But yet they can take their money for items and not order the items but take the money? Seems funny after I asked for an itemized statement of my friends account not only for my purpose but for his taxes also they told me they couldn't give that to me. But yet almost $200 appeared on my friends account? Something is wrong there. While in visitation with our loved ones, someone goes through our lockers that we get to put our personal item in while we visit. Many times my money has disappeared while in visitation. Also while we are in visitation the guards go to the parking lot to check for cars that are unlocked. One incident the guard come in and said that so in so left their car unlocked. They said that they got their name off of an identification card. Well the owner said that there was only one way to find the identification card, and that was to go through her purse.

My opinion this place is pathetic! Need different warden who is fair to all.!

Howie Roll wrote on Thursday, May 21, 2015

    No disrespect to you but on the behalf of your friend you are causing most of his problems .

I'm not saying it's right, but I've been there and I know how this works and as fucked up as it is you have to keep your mouth shut, and physically fight back or you will become prey for the inmates and guards
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