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Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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I was an inmate of sing sing prison back in 1964 ,,spent 2 years there then was transferred up to auburn prison,,spent another couple of years there on the 15 year sentence i was serving, then was returned to court on a writ ,, as i studied law while serving my sentenced and legally proved that one of my previous convictions within another state that was used to make me a mulitple felony offender would not legally consitute a felony in New york state,,,any way after 7 months back in the county jail they did then resentence me to 10 years and i was then sent back to sing sing. i later learned that the county jail had been condemned by the state of New York and no one could legally be sentenced there for more then 6 months,, well even thought i wasn't legally senteced there ,they had held me there for 7 months rewaiting sentence so i sued them in the federal courts and evevtually did win my freedom after serving a total of 6 1/2 years. Yes prison is hell theres no getting away from that,,but what we as indiviuals make of it has a bearing on our lives,, i choose to benefit from it and learn that of criminal law and i did just that. Along the way i helped others that were worthy of help and set case law in the freeing of others. It was an experience i shall never forget,,but one that helped me become a better man, i,m 81 years of age now and i was legally released over 44 years ago,, i,ve read a few books about sing sing written by some that served time there plus that guard,,but in my opinion none really tell it as it truly is cause in all realality its a world within its own,differed only by the fact that certain freedoms and luxuarys are denied you. As in all aspects of life its what you yourself choose to make of it.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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Really getting tired of Officer Pease at Western Reception and Diagnostic Correctional Center torturing and abusing the inmates . My son is a inmate there and this said officer has made numerous threat's towards my son and has slapped offender Mitchell Montgomery inmate number #1253412 and has been abusing other inmates for past couple of years . This abuse must come to a end before the Dept of Justice ,Bureau of Prisons and other agencies are involved . This officer should not be allowed to interact with inmates and should be fired . My son has many health issues ,needs surgery for strangulation hernia ,blown out right knee and also herniated disc in his lower back . He suffers from ptsd and other health problems.

greggohara wrote on Friday, August 22, 2014

    What if anything can parents do to protect their children in custody?
Rhonda wrote on Wednesday, October 15, 2014

    Pray for your child and get you a good lawyer before it is too late. This abuse has got to stop now!!

Rhonda wrote on Friday, October 17, 2014

    Need a number or Facebook please
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Saturday, July 12, 2014
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Sorry, but I accidentally hit the post button here on my phone. I don't have much room to do anything. I'll try to complete this story quickly.

Anyway they roll of toilet paper in too long ropes sometimes 20 to 30 feet long and light one end. If you roll them tight enough the rope will smolder for hours on end giving you something to lite your cigarettes with. The whole place was full of smoke. Almost everyone was doing this.

Some of them also scrape the paint off of their bunk and would lite toilet paper in a butt cans so they could cook on it like a grill! They would put their desserts together and bread and one guy would cook like fruit pies are chocolate pies or whatever using the pudding and bread. He would match the bread up and add a little water to it and make it like dough, then fold it over with the desert inside and grill it up. I think they mainly did it just to pass the time but I always donated my dessert just to be on the good side of things you know? I saw two stabbings down there. In the beginning they didn't like me very much until they found out I could draw. Then I ended up making cards for all their families and everything and became friendly with almost everybody down there.

Luckily the sergeants and the court believed my story about being set up with the shank and gave me only 15 days. I convince them that I had no enemies and I only had a few months left to go and had no use for a weapon. Also the bruises showed I was beat pretty good for punishment.

But those two guards were finished with me yet. They hired an inmate to mess me up or kill me or something right before I got out. Luckily two other friends

of mine from a Puerto Rican gangs that I was drawing on t-shirts for beat the guy up for me before I even knew what was going on. I'm sure if it hadn't been for my ability to draw I would have died at Attica. That place needs to be shut down! Inmates are treated so badly there & often beaten late at night just for the hell of it.! You can get beat down just for turning your head while walking down the hall. Or worse! I saw a tear gassed yard full of inmates get attacked by about two dozen guards it look like gladiator time out there! I saw the whole thing from the top floor of the block. Guards an inmate's laying everywhere and not a word on the news about it. Its like the warden said "what happens in Attica stays in Attica!".

They tell you if you tell anyone what goes on in there not only will you pay but your family will pay. Those people are family and their family has worked there their grandparents and everyone the whole town of Attica is working there. It's their way of life they'll do anything to keep it. ANYTHING!!!

I've got hundreds of stories but none compare to what happened to me at Attic


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Friday, July 11, 2014
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I was in prison in the state of Oklahoma for burglary, concealing stolen property, and receiving stolen property for approximately 17 years back in my younger alcoholic days.

When I finally got out of prison in 94 I ran into an old friend of mine did I had met in prison and went to New York with him where we burglarized a closed down liquor store where I got another 4 years.

No prison is a good present of course but the worst place I have ever been was Attica where there is continuous ongoing war between the inmates and the guards.

I had my clothes burned, buckets of water thrown on me in the middle of the night, & clubbed senceless after they found a shank in my cell which they had planted in there themselves during a fire drill earlier that day. Luckily it was broken up by a sergeant that happened to walk upon us it took me into his custody.

I was charged with possession of a deadly weapon and taken to what they called the "Snake Pit".

The snake pit is their displinary unit. It is a smoke-filled hell full of the most violent inmates in the prison.

They allow you to buy tobacco but you're not allowed to have a cigarette lighter so what they do is roll long rolls of toilet paper into long fuse like things
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Wednesday, July 09, 2014
Sharon Sharon

Corrections officers stealing the last of the food I struggle to bring my man, it's sickening. I have written Cuomo and his office is now aware. We are tried of being personal shoppers for Corrections Officers.
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Saturday, July 05, 2014
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I too have a crimminal record from 1962 untill 1968 when I got sent to Drumheller pen. After getting out I continued my criminal carrer ,but was getting tired of always thinking I could be caught any time. I slowly got away from everything illegal,and I wanted to be thought of as a hick ,so I copied expressions I heard some backward farmer say or something that sounded real squarejohn style. Now I use thos expressions in my everyday talking. I'm still very street wise and shock the ocasional guy who tries to con me. I started a susecful buisness in 1985 and did very well, buying several houses and 5 acres in an indusrtrial area in Calgary, I retired in 1999 sold everything and now have not worked since. I have a new jeep and convertible car ,plus older camper van, and Harley . Life was never this good when I was breaking the law.

Yes its what you tell yourself you are that you become. Stop thinking of your selves as losers , pretend your sucsessfull,just pretend ,and by having that self image you will behin to act like it , and gradually change your old lowlife thinking to that of the new you,a respectable man..

Hey Doreen, I really liked your posts, Glad you are doing so good , You are an isnspiration to everyone who reads your story..
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

I'm going to post this as anonymous because otherwise I might not. I don't want anyone feeling like they "know" what I went through then or now that I'm out and it still is the most controlling thing I must obey everyday. I'm talking about being raped by my cell mate in prison for two years, and then becoming his "wife" on the outside. He asked me to marry him when he was released three months before me, and his friend claimed me as his own while I was alone. The day I was released he picked me up and we went right to his room in a halfway house where he whisked me into sissy lingerie and a wig then marched me into the common areas and introduced me to a group of men recently inside as his bitch. Then we fucked for 48 hours and when he works I clean the house. I now crave cock sucking more than pussy.
xcaret wrote on Saturday, July 05, 2014

    Gt I hope you have died of aids by now. You queers make me sick.
Paladin wrote on Saturday, July 12, 2014

     In the 20 plus years I was in prison I never saw or heard of anyone getting raped. There are so many homosexuals in there now bet u get approached by them alomst daily.

I know myself I would die before I let somebody take my ass! Only the weak get picked on no matter the size. I weighted only 140 lb. when I was in prison and I was never approached or hassled. You musta been in the closet and just didn't know it.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm not going to post under a name because I'm still on paper and I spent enough time at two of the three most talked about (on the inside) camps to know that just because you are out doesn't mean you are completely safe from retaliation.

First a little about Lake Butler (RMC) main unit, which during my time was both a reception center and a medical center for inmates from other camps in the region 1 and 2 areas, and specifically the legendary "K Wing": a lock down wing consisting of individual seclusion cells (solid steel door with another bar style door outside of that) in which inmates can expect to be physically intimidated, beaten, and gassed inside their cells for staff entertainment. This is a constant occurrence, maybe daily, although the seclusion is so complete with the use of loud fans and windows that are impossible to see clearly out of that it is hard to tell what is happening aside from the screaming (no i am not exaggerating in the least). After being shackled and cuffed i was dragged and forced to run to not be dragged and have my "teeth beat down (my) fucking throat". I still have scars on my ankles years later. They seem permanent. I was put on suicide watch for trying to get them to start my meds back up because I was getting very sick and disoriented. (I was not at all suicidal and they knew that, but it made for a great punishment) I had no bunk, just a mattress with someones dried vomit on it, not allowed any showers, locked down 24 hours a day without any clothes, soap, no cup to drink water from, toilet paper, or even a paper cup to drink out of; the most basic items needed by a human being, for the first 6 days in there. The cell itself was covered literally from floor to ceiling with dried remains of body fluids, vomit and feces that had been on the floor and smeared on the walls, as well as dried blood. One wall is almost entirely taken up by an immense air conditioner which keeps the cell at approx. 45 degrees at all times. With no cloches and only a filthy "turtle suit", I had to sleep against the door rolled up in the suit like a burrito to attempt to stay warm. It didn't work and i ended up sick and with a bad infection that I won't discuss. This is the area in which many of the inmates who have been killed over the years of Butler's existence by staff. These deaths are well known, recorded, and legendary.

Next is A.C.I. East Unit in the Panhandle, which has the worst reputation amongst the inmates. If you have done time there even the seasoned cons look at you with a little more respect... if you have managed not to get raped and are still alive. I in no way say this as a badge of honor, because this is a place where bad can always get worse.

A.C.I. is a psyc. camp that houses mainly mentally unstable inmates and gangs. It is common practice to house inmates with relatively short sentences with multiple lifers, making it a place where rape and murder is normal. At the time I was there: -stabbing deaths averaged out to be about 3 a month (down from it's usual). - non-lethal stabbings and other weapon attacks were a daily occurrence. -Riots were pretty normal, at least 6 a year.

The camp houses a huge number of punks (homosexuals), and has something like a 60% or 70 % AIDS ratio. It is a designated gang camp, with just about every Black, White, and Latino Florida prison gang represented, however the guards are the most dangerous gang there. The buildings are very old, and many of the housing units have areas that are condemned due to mold and asbestos. The camp is overrun with ants, vermin, and spiders. I was bitten by a Brown Recluse on two separate occasions. Obviously there is no air conditioning in the open bays, so summer temps of 100 deg. plus is normal and you must be fully clothed during the day. Being made to stand in line at 5:30 A.M. after chow in light clothes for extended periods of time in sub-freezing winter weather is also normal. The food is generally somewhat rotten as well, but that too is normal. Staff entertainment is to find new and exciting ways to harass, instigate, setup, beat and generally create an atmosphere of violence and hatred in the inmates. Much of the inmate on inmate violence is somehow related to the staff. At A.C.I. you are lower than an animal. I overheard two guards talking in the chow hall one day, one laughing and commenting that he wouldn't feed what we ate to his hogs. He was serious.

The last to mention is Lake Butler West Unit, or "The Wild West". Pretty tame compared to A.C.I., many fights, but no killings while I was there.The excitement there is staff planting weapons to put inmates they don't like in the box, and a few 4 or 5 on one guard beatings of inmates. Really, after the other two, that is no big deal.

This is all truth. I have no reason to lie. If anyone reading this has a friend or family member in one of these camps, I assure you even the most extreme stories are probably true. There is a reason why none of those prison shows on t.v. EVER show anything in Florida. The Florida prison system has been rated as the worst in the country for inmate beatings and deaths by guards and general corruption.
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Thursday, May 29, 2014
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The Firehouse Journals is a book I recently published about my experiences at Wasco State Prison. To read a sample for free, go to Amazon. Thanks!
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Very nice site!
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