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"I am a prisoner here on North Carolina Death Row for crimes that I did not commit. I am being denied medical care because I?m a death row prisoner. I?ve complained about this through the prison?s grievance system repeatedly. I?ve contacted the warden, Chief of Heath Service, Director of Prisons in N.C., The Medical Board of N.C., The Medical Society of N.C., A.C.L.U. of N.C., N.C.P.L.S., Inc., and many others about this and no one is saying or doing anything to assist me.

I am suffering from permanent nerve damage & muscle degeneration because I was denied medical care for a severe herniated disk-pinch nerve injury in the cervical region of my spine. I experience reoccurring pain, numbness & weakness through out my upper body, especially on the right side. I have headaches, muscle spasm, and tightness of my neck muscles all the time.

I now have a herniated disk at C4 in my spine that is causing me even more pain & I have ruptured disk at L4 in my spine that is pinching the sciatic nerve. This disk rupture is causing me pain & numbness down my right leg. My legs are extremely weak & have decreased in size significantly. This injury is affecting my liver, kidneys & my bowel movement. My urine is dark & smells bad now & I have bowel movements once every two-three days. I?ve been having blood in my stools & I think using Ibuprofen for so long may have something to do with this. I have swollen tonsils and I?ve been coughing up blood for several months now. It is a struggle for me to swallow at times. My chest has also been hurting when I breathe and I think I may have caught T.B. From one of the lower custody inmates that I?m housed around (on unit one).

I?ve been seeking treatment for these injuries and for a terrible skin infection for a long time. Along with many others, I have been denied treatment repeatedly. Prisoners can die or be left permanently injured like I am.

My letters (personal & legal) that are going out to prison, government officials, and the courts & to some civilians are being detained, opened, read & destroyed. I am not told of any of this when this occurs & I?m not on mail restrictions. Some times I never receive incoming mail from certain places or people.

I am unemployed & I am being charged taxes at the canteen & five dollars for requesting to see the doctor. I have to pay $5 & $6 to send money out of my prison account & the prison is drawing interest off of the money that prisoners have in their accounts. They are robbing us & killing us at the same time.

They established North Carolina Prisoner?s Legal Services (NCPS, inc.) In place of the law libraries in this prison system. But NCPLS are working with N.C.D.O.C. against prisoners & this is why people like me can?t get any assistance with how we are being mistreated behind these walls of oppression.

I am writing to you about these problems so the outside world would know how prisoners like myself are being treated. Is it lawful for the prison to charge us $5 for a money order disbursement w hen it doesn?t cost the prison anything? I can?t continue to pay this system to rob me of my life & liberty.

Bless You,

Terrance Taylor "
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1 posts on this prison. Showing page 1 of 1.

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