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Kilby Correctional Facility | Alabama

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Thursday, January 29, 2015
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Lawwwdddd.....I'm speechless
henry wrote on Friday, January 30, 2015

    Speechless about what? Could you be more specific?
pamela2002 wrote on Friday, January 30, 2015

    Everything you've sounds like hell!!!!
henryThe closest thing to hell on earth. You're right. wrote on Friday, January 30, 2015

    The closest thing to hell on earth. You're right.
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Monday, January 12, 2015
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Kilby prison is the dirtiest, most run down facility. The ceiling drips water from leaks in the roof. There is black mold everywhere, especially in the shower areas of B dorm and A dorm. J dorm is a giant warehouse full of bunk beds packed so closely together that CO's can't see hardly anything that's going on. Constant fights, drugs, and inmates breaking into your box to steal your store bought goods. The CO's are mostly black men and women. They are both ridiculously racist to white inmates. The black female officers are the fattest, ugliest jigaboos. Their voices are like nails on a chalk board. I cringed at the site of them. I have been there twice. I was in every dorm in there except K dorm. There is this one infamous CO that everyone hears of in the county jail before you go to Kilby. His name is I. Harris aka Michael Jordan. He looks just like the NBA star if he would have had a stroke. He is the HNIC he thinks. He will cuss you up and down, slap you and beg you to retaliate. This past time there, in May of 2013, he messed with the wrong hombre and got his arm broken. I laughed my butt off. Couldn't have happened to a bigger POS. Every week it seems, the CERT team would come in and tear up the dorm and strip you naked to find drugs and cellphones that the guards bring in. Someone always got beat. Officers carry sticks that reach the ground from their belt. They are quick to hit you. There is supposed to be a no hands policy in place after they killed an inmate by beating him to death a few years back. But that's B.S. They still do it. One evening, after count, the door to the yard was open and I thought I heard count clear so I went outside. The black woman in the watchtower started screaming at me. I went back inside and was met by a black officer who grabbed me by my neck and started squeezing. I apologized and explained I thought count was clear. Why was the yard door open? Those people who run that place are the most retarded idiots I have collectively ever seen. They must have a combined education of an eighth grader. I was so glad to be transferred out of there to my permanent camp. Hell on earth is what it is. The place needs to be condemned and they need to build a new processing prison. Then they need to staff it with guards who don't double as thug drug dealers. I feel sorry for the inmates who go through here with stupid non violent charges. Especially if they are white. My opinion.
pamela2002 wrote on Saturday, January 24, 2015

    Wow..I have a brother who was just transferred there for intake. Can u tell me how long the process takes before they are placed in a facility. Also, how long before they are allowed to call or have visits. This is all new to me I have a lot of questions and I'm deeply concerned.
henry wrote on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    It takes one week of being in the quarantine dorms M or N. They will take blood tests and see a classification officer. Once they have been classified, they could leave in less than two weeks up to two months. It just depends if the main prison has an available bed open. I have been twice. Both times, I was there for a couple of months. Feel free to ask me anything. He should be able to call you the first or second day he is in quarantine. He can send a letter out anytime.
pamela2002 wrote on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 a call was short though...he said something about setting up a way to call is that done.Is there a direct number they call from or some thing. the stay there really that bad??,I've been literally sick to the stomach sin center I read your stat!!!!!! I've been thinking about him getting into fights and all!!!
henry wrote on Thursday, January 29, 2015

    All prisoners at Kilby get a free one minute call at first and then to make future calls, they enter their AIS # and the last four digits of their SS# and follow the prompts. Calls are set up collect and you have to use a credit card to put minutes on the phone. Tell him to be careful not to let anyone watch him dial the numbers. All AIS #s are printed on the front of your shirt under your name. If another inmate looks over your brother's shoulder and gets his last four digits of his SS# while he is on the phone, the inmate can steal the minutes to call his own family or friends. It is very expensive to make calls. $25 will get you (3) 15 minute calls. And it is more expensive the further you are in the state from Montgomery. He will need you to put money on his books to buy basic supplies. Kilby does not allow you to keep most of the stuff you bring from the county jail. That means no shower shoes. You do not want your brother standing barefoot in those showers. He will catch some sort of foot fungus or worse. The toothbrushes the facility hands out are so short, you can't reach the back teeth. You can buy normal Crest toothbrushes and Crest toothpaste off the store. He will also need razors and shaving cream. Kilby correction officers are total weirdos about your face being smooth as a baby's butt at all times. They provide single blade cheap razors that suck, but you can buy double blade BIC razors on the store. They feed you the worst meals in prison. Meals at Kilby are consistent with meals he will get at his permanent camp. He will need money for food off the store. It's mostly junk food, coffee and tobacco on the store list, but he will need the substance. There is a snack line in the chow hall that he can buy pastries, microwaveable hamburgers and pizzas, and seven different flavors of ice cream. You can spend $20 in a single visit pretty easy..... I lost 50 lbs. in a year eating prison food and my family even gave me money that I bought ice cream three times a week and ate honeybuns and drank cokes. I ate good because of my family, but still lost 50 lbs. That's how small and pathetic prison meals are...... He can't really do anything in quarantine dorm for a whole week. No store or snack line. They are too busy taking different tests for blood, blood pressure, mental health questions, a test to determine your sanity, classification, etc. Plus, the guards make it harder on you when you are in quarantine. They don't let up much after that either. But you have the chance to buy store and snacks. After you are classified and waiting on that 3 a.m. wake up to go to your main camp, you just lay around in your bunk or watch TV in the movie room. It is very boring and some guys make tattoo guns and do tattoos. Some guys shoot up suboxone with needles stolen out of the infirmary. Some guys smoke weed or talk on cell phones. Some guys fight for fun. Kilby is a Max prison taking in everybody from your common thief to a capital murderer and everything in between. There are some really mean dudes in there that love to steal and fight. There are knives and shanks in there. Nobody was ever stabbed when I was there, but some inmate did microwave a cup of vaseline to boiling hot and threw it in another guy's face. Another weapon is a bunch of AA batteries knotted in the end of a tube sock. I woke up out of a dead sleep to two guys fighting with these one morning. Kilby guards are on power trips. They are underpaid and make their real money by having inmates send them green dot cards through their families for drugs and cellphones. Then those same guards will bust these inmates with the stuff they sold them and blackmail them out of more money to keep their stuff and not go to lock up. It's a racket down there if you get into it. If your brother says yes sir, no sir, please, thank you and...... the big one, excuse me, and stays to himself, then he will most likely be OK. Tell him to keep his head up and don't trust anyone. I hope he does alright, but there's sometimes you just can't avoid the mess.
henry wrote on Thursday, January 29, 2015

    Also, there is no privacy anywhere. You have to shower three feet from another guy right beside you splashing you with his soap and all. Toilets are lined up along a wall three feet apart with no walls or stalls. In J dorm, the biggest dorm, there are like fifty toilets in a row on the wall in a warehouse setting. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. It tripped me out. I'm still tripped out knowing there are people having to be housed like that and I was one of them. The whole facility is what you would expect from a backwoods redneck Alabama prison that has had little upgrades or renovations since it opened in 1969. It is decrepit and it reminds me of an old elementary school with a perimeter fence. It wasn't what I thought it would look like when I was told about it in the county jail. It is a rinky dink set up and I don't see how the staff keeps it organized enough to get anybody where they need to be. It seems as though everybody is flying by the seat of their pants around there. The hallways in the main building are tiny and they have constant foot traffic moving through. It is overpopulated for the space they need to properly house inmates. They even had to turn a small classroom on the side into a dorm to keep extra prisoners. It is a freaking joke. The whole place and everybody that works there. I really hope someone that works there reads this and knows how much of a pathetic, worthless loser they are. How much of a waste of life they have become by working at Kilby Correctional Facility. They have to be clinically insane to put themselves in that prison for 8 hours a day for the simple joy of physically and emotionally abusing inmates. Their power trip is proof of their lack of self esteem and confidence. Useless waste of flesh in charge of a rundown piece of crap. Congratulations officers. Your meaningless lives will be filled with horrible memories of a terrible place you hated to work at. Hahahaha! At least my stay was temporary. I got to go home. They have to keep coming back shift after shift.
wrote on Thursday, April 02, 2015

    Can you tell me how the visitations work on Sunday's at kilby? I'm fixing to go for the first-time for a visit. Can anybody give me any advice?
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Friday, September 19, 2014
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Are phone calls & letters the only communication with an inmate at kilby? county there was texting and video chat
dabercrombie wrote on Thursday, September 11, 2014

    Yes... That's the only communication..

Tho I wish video visits were available but they r not...
henry wrote on Monday, January 12, 2015

    If you are put in permanant party at Kilby, you can have visits. Face to face.
G74 wrote on Sunday, February 08, 2015

    Unless they get a cell phone, most of the guards are crooked
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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

My brother was in a county jail for 2 months before going to Kilby. He was very sick. When he got to Kilby his condition worsened. After not hearing from him in a week he finally called and told us he was dying. They weren't getting him proper medical care. My mother finally got ahold of the right people and had him taken to the hospital where he had pneumonia in both lungs (for 3 months). And was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Only 10% of his heart was working. He was in the hospital about 3 days and then sent back to kilby with about 18 medications that they made him PAY to receive!! At this time he had gained 50 pounds of water weight and was wheel chair bound. He couldn't even make it to eat or get his meds. His feet were 15 inches around. He called many times and told us they were killing him! Up to the end we got to visit him twice. On both occasions they had completely stopped giving him his meds and had him on morphine every 4 hours. He couldn't even talk to us. He died June 14, 2014 barely 2 months after being in Kilby. This prison is a joke!! Needs to be closed and all employees fired. They are heartless and evil. My brother did not deserve that! He had a simple possession of marijuana charge and he died for it. May god have mercy on their souls.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013
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My significant other was in lockup from April until the first of November at Kilby Correctional Facility. He had been being held there on an I&I hold. He had been out of lockup for about a week and I could hear the stress in his voice when I talked to him on the phone. It was like certain inmates were after him and as many as 15 would be sitting on his rack waiting on him to come back, just trying to intimidate. The officers there try to make them angry enough to fight and then write them up. He told me that either the officers or the inmates kicked over his box and either the officers or the inmates stole everything, even his new tennis shoes and shower shoes I had just bought for him. He had just gotten his classification changed so that he could go to a minimum security prison and possibly work release. The next day one of the officers tried to get him on a weapons charge by putting a knife on him. But, they gave him a terrible beating, and gave him three disciplinaries, threat, insubordination, and being in an unauthorized area. Now he is back in segregation and now his reclassification is out of the picture until he can go six months without a disciplinary. The Alabama Prison system and the Alabama Justice system are two of the most corrupt that I have read about. My significant other broke into a county official's house. No one was home but they took some things. He got Burglary 2, Theft 3, and receiving stolen property. He was given a sentence of Life with Possibility of Parole. If he had broken into anyone else's house I know his sentence would not have been so severe. Now he is almost 41 years old and has been in prison since he was 28. I am at a loss as to what to do. I just wish they would go ahead and transfer him directly from segregation to another facility. That may save his life if he is still alive.
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Saturday, June 22, 2013
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My son is in kilby. he's been there for 3 days and he's already been in a fight. I am so scared for him. i'm stressed out. Can anybody tell me something good about this place?
mjohnston wrote on Thursday, September 11, 2014

    My husband just went last night from Calhoun County. How long was it before you heard from your son?
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

wrote on Sunday, January 05, 2014

    You are an idiot
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Monday, January 28, 2013
pat faulk

"My Nephew is presently in Kilby ! I would like to know why ? He was at Ventress and one of the Officers broke his jaw for no reason and they sent him to Kilby which is Max Security and I would like to know Why ? He has not murdered anyone.He did do drugs but his sentence is until 12/24. You would not get that much for Murder ! One of the Officers or the inmates are beating him everyday,and I want to know why,because he is not a violent person.I have tried to have a block put on my phone from any Correctional Facility to no avail and I received 20 calls in one day. Something has to be done about our Officers beating and kILLING INMATES !!!!!!"
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Friday, January 16, 2009

I just found out this morning that the love of my life has been sent to Kilby. I am so scared for him but also relieved. I know he can take care of himself. I don t know how I can handle not having any communication with him. I hope to hear from him in a few days and not 3 or 4 weeks. I need to know he is okay and want him to know I love him and will be here through it all.
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